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This should be an interesting and informative seminar for those interested and able to attend. The KAS African Group of Experts on International Criminal Justice will be represented by Dr Beitel van der Merwe and Dr Eki Omorogbe (also the organiser of the event).

The seminar will be hosted simultaneously in Johannesburg and Leicester with venues linked via Skype. Best of all - attendance is free! 

For better of for worse, it is extremely hard to insulate international criminal law from the influence of politics. Volumes have been written on the law and politics of the Nuremberg IMT, the trial of Eichmann in Jerusalem and the ad hoc tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia (to name only a few). It is well-known that international courts and tribunals employ various non-legal stratagems to ensure state support in the form of, for example, funding, cooperation with arrest and detention o...

As reported last week, Pre-Trial Chamber (PTC) II of the International Criminal Court (ICC) found that South Africa had failed to meet its obligation to arrest and surrender Sudan's President Omar Al-Bashir (Al-Bashir) when he attended the African Union (AU) Summit in South Africa in June 2015. Al-Bashir is suspected of various crimes under the ICC's substantive jurisdiction, including genocide.

The decision was highly anticipated and the finding of non-compliance on the part of South Africa widely...

It is reported that Zambia will not withdraw from the ICC. This comes of the back of a national consultative process concerning Zambia's withdrawal from the Court. It is particularly striking that 91,43% of petitioners were opposed to Zambia's withdrawal. This goes to show that - while there still seems to be support for mass withdrawal among various African states' political representatives (made evident through the AU's earlier non-binding recommendation to withdraw) - such support may...

This past week the African National Congress ("ANC") announced that it is still seeking to withdraw South Africa from membership of the ICC. The ongoing friction between South Africa and the ICC follows South Africa's failure to arrest President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan when he attended the AU Summit in South Africa in June 2015. The ICC had issued an arrest warrant for Al-Bashir, who is implicated war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed in the Darfur region of Sudan, in 2010....

We are happy to announce that the group's latest publication can be downloaded for free on our 'Publications' page. 

Here is a short blurb about the book:

"International Criminal Justice in Africa contains a collection of papers by members of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung's African Group of Experts on International Criminal Justice. The members of the group are drawn from various parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and consist of academics and legal practitioners holding expertise in the field of internation...

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