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KAS’ African Group of Experts on International Criminal Justice comprises of individuals drawn from various parts of Sub-Saharan Africa working as scholars, researchers and/or practitioners in the field of international criminal law. The group meets annually to discuss pertinent matters related to international criminal justice from the African perspective, in addition to peer-reviewing their respective articles that are published annually under the title ‘International Criminal Justice in Africa’...


The story on Grace Mugabe's alleged assault on a young South African woman in Sandton, Johannesburg has been dominating news headlines over the past few days. After a few days of uncertainty, Grace Mugabe has returned to Zimbabwe having been granted diplomatic immunity by the South African government. The move is widely viewed as controversial and raises important questions about the limits of diplomatic immunity. 

Head over to The Conversation to read Prof Gerhard Kemp's views on the matter. The f...


For those interested, Queen Mary University of London’s Criminal Justice Centre in collaboration with the Centre of African Studies at SOAS, University of London are hosting a conference on 'Criminal Justice and Accountability in Africa: National and regional developments'.

Eminent speakers from across Africa, Asia and Europe will be tackling issues ranging from:

  • How to understand criminal justice and transitional justice in an African context

  • The challenges faced by hybrid and national cou...


Note: The text of this blog post has been drawn from a written submission to the third edition of the Strathmore Law Journal 2017.

In Greek mythology, Antaeus was the Libyan half-giant son of the Earth goddess, Gaea and Poseidon, the god of the sea.[1] Antaeus had the disturbing proclivity to challenge all strangers passing through his country to wrestle with him. It is quite telling that the Greek word underlying his name, Antaios, means to be set against, or to be hostile.[2] Antaeus’ occupation...

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