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On 11 November 2019, the Republic of The Gambia (Gambia) filed a complaint against the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Myanmar) in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). It is alleged that Myanmar’s government has adopted, taken and condoned criminal acts against members of the Rohingya group, acts aiming at the total or partial destruction of the Rohingya as a distinct ethnic, racial and religious group and thus constituting the crime of genocide. The acts complained of were committed in the...


We introduced a depository of legal documents on this site sometime ago which contains documents that may be useful for researchers and practitioners interested in international criminal law and transitional justice in Africa. We have included national, regional and international documents that are available for download. If you have suggestions of documents we should add to the depository, please get in touch here. 


Impassible lors du prononcé de sa peine par les juges de la Cour pénale internationale, Bosco Ntaganda, ancien chef d’état-major de l’Union des patriotes congolais (UPC) dirigé par Thomas Lubanga, a écopé d’une peine de 30 ans de prison, la plus lourde jamais prononcée jusque-là par la CPI. 

En effet, le système de détermination des peines de la Cour semblait beaucoup plus clément par rapport à celui des tribunaux pénaux ad hocet même de certains États parties comme la RDC[1].  

Pour compr...


 We are delighted to announce that the group's latest publication, International Criminal Justice in Africa, 2018 has been published and is available for free download here.

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