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Call for Papers African Yearbook of International Law/ Appel a contributions Annuaire africain de dr

African Yearbook of International law

Volume 24 (2019-2020)

Call for papers

The Editors of the African Yearbook of International Law are making preparation for Volume 24of the Yearbookand would like to invite scholarly contributions in the form of an article, note, commentary (on recent developments in Africa or outside events of particular relevance to Africa), or a short digest of State practice or judicial decisions in African countries.

The structure of Volume 24 will be more or less the same as that of previous volumes and will consist of the following: a special theme, general articles, notes and commentaries, book reviews and basic documents (mainly African Union resolutions and African Conventions ), and a section on State practice on matters of international law.

The special theme for Volume 24will be on “African Regional Law and Health: Present Status and Prospects”. The concept note on this thematic issue is attached to the present call for papers.

As regards the general articles, contributions relating to issues of civil conflicts in Africa, humanitarian law, human rights, international criminal law, development and international cooperation, environmental protection, peaceful settlement of disputes, specific issues of general international law, the evolution of African regional and sub regional organization will be welcome.

Under the section on State practice, short analytical pieces on judicial and arbitral decisions, diplomatic practice and pronouncements, and emerging or unresolved disputes will be appreciated.

The length of articles should not normally exceed forty double-spaced pages. Longer Articles will be accepted if the length is justified by the subject- matter.

All articles shall be submitted, in an electronic version [preferably in Word] not later than 15 November 2020. If you are considering to submit an article, please let the editors know its subject, preferably before 30 August 2020.

Contact addresses are as follows:

Prof. Mutoy Mubiala, Guest Editor: luc.mubiala [Special Theme]

Prof. Gerard Niyungeko, General Editor:[General Articles; Notes and Commentaries; etc.]

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